Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow...What a Week!

Holy Cow...what a first week of school!  I was absolutely blown away by the speed at which my third graders picked up basic WBT concepts!  The first day we covered the 5 rules, class/yes, teach/okay, woo/it's cool, and they even learned the switch!!!  This class of third graders is composed of 15 boys and only 3 girls, so you can imagine the amount of craziness brewing in this classroom at any given moment!  However, with WBT, my class has (so far) been nothing but energetic and HEAVEN!!!  I am so very proud of this group of students...I know that they will go incredibly far and blow their tests out of the water! 

The scoreboard is working fabulously...I'm hoping we can keep it going through at least the end of October.  They play each day for an extra minute of recess, and on Fridays they have an extra reward of eating in the room with Mrs. Atwood.  Some days they get the extra minute, some days they don't, but that's the glory of the scoreboard! 

We haven't started the UHM yet, since I have to wait on some supplies.  This Friday we will send home homework binders for the first time, complete with Super Speed Addition!  I'm so excited to see them progress and break records on SS so that they can get on my Super Improver's Wall! 

I will try to get some pictures posted asap on here of my classroom.  I can't tell everyone how exciting and fun WBT really has been a lifesaver!